It is my absolute passion and deep desire to educate you about Spirit, and to empower you to use your own intuition for comfort and guidance.  

I believe you possess the ability to connect with Spirit, and especially your Inner Wisdom, in order to improve the quality of your life.  It would be my sincere honour and privilege to assist you through your journey of healing and discovery. 

Whether through a private Psychic-Mediumship Reading, or by supporting and mentoring you along your path with Spirit, it remains my pleasure to offer you a compassionate, safe and understanding place to explore your own spirituality and healing.

With Much Gratitude,
Jen (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

About Me:

I am "Best Friend", "Wife", "Soul Mate", "Lover" to the most wonderful Husband alive, who has supported and loved me unconditionally since the moment we embarked on this journey together. I am "Mommy" to two beautiful little girls, whom I learn more from every day, than I ever imagined possible. I am a Spiritual Being on a Human Journey; growing, learning, expanding, loving, creating and LIVING every step of the way. I am Me.

Private Readings

I am honoured and eager to bridge the gap between you and your Deceased Loved Ones and the Spirit Team that works with you and your Higher Self.


Development Community

Join me LIVE online each month, enjoy unlimited FULL access to all my online courses and content, participate in fun giveaways, and so much more!





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