A Typical Reading

Each one of my readings is practiced in a safe, loving, and respectful way, and is essentially a friendly conversation in which I relay messages from the Spirit around you. My number one priority is that you feel relaxed: the more relaxed you are, then, typically, the stronger and easier the connection (but don't worry! The pre-session jitters are very common and certainly okay!).
After I have made a connection with Spirit, I see, sense, feel or am simply aware of, messages from Them. I interpret these messages into words, in a way that you can understand, and deliver the messages to you.
During a Mediumship reading, I invite forward your Guides and Angels and any Loved Ones from the Other Side who might wish to give messages. Validation is extremely important for both you AND me, and demonstrating the validity of a connection is definitely one of my main priorities. 

How to prepare for your session:

This video is about how YOU can prepare for your session with Spirit! ‚Äč

You do not NEED to do any of these things in order to enjoy your reading  - BUT if you nurture and tap into your own energy before your session, you might find some lovely benefits to the information and experience that you receive. Remember that a session with a Medium is truly a three way communication between the Medium, Spirit, and YOU! So playing an active role might help you feel more connected to, and engaged in, the information delivered!



(As of September 1st, 2022)

Private Mediumship Reading - $320+HST (Via Zoom or telephone, approx 60 mins)

Description: Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones (with the option of also connecting with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher Self for life guidance)


Semi-Private Mediumship Reading - $400+HST (Two people, via Zoom approx. 75mins)

Description: Mediumship reading for two people (with the option of also connecting with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher Selves for life guidance)



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"There's no doubt in my mind Jen is doing exactly what she is meant to do. Her gentle spirit and guidance has allowed me to experience wonderful Reiki treatments and I totally recommend this kind of healing. I encourage everyone to give it a try. Thank you Jen for such wonderful experiences, you are such a giving person!" - Wendy, Carleton Place, ON

"Jen! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience Jennifer. I was floundering for 2 and a half years and try as I did to begin to get to the point where I could go through the entire grieving process and not stay stuck in anger I couldn't. I spent 1 wonderful hour with you and I feel peace and acceptance of what is, no more anger and I don't feel like he has gone from me. I know he is with me and my children always. Thank you so much." - Cheryl, Ottawa, ON

"Thank you Jen for a very special reading. You have an incredible gift, I keep listening to the recording over and over to feel the connections. I look forward to seeing you again" - Angela, Ottawa, ON

"Having you connect me with my Dad, who passed 5 years ago, was like everything I ever imagined it would be, and at the same time, I'm still in 'awe' of it.  It was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.  "They" say that timing is everything, and I know that when I went to see you, it was my time. You were the first person I've ever been to, to seek help or answers from my Spirit & Angel Guides and also a physic reading from, and I am
so glad it was you with. You explained how you receive messages and a little about what to expect, you made me feel so comfortable. All of my guards were down, and that was perfectly okay.
You have a beautiful gift, and you are already helping so many people. I know, for absolute certainty, that my lost loved ones are with me and my family and that is the most amazing feeling.You knew things about my childhood that no one knows, and my life's most recent events were topics brought up by my loved one and relayed to me by you.  It was sensational.  When I left your house, I didn't know whether to cry, or to smile. I smiled. :). I felt elated. And i thank you for that, for relaying these messages in such a caring, loving way, you are truly a gift to us all.  My reading lasted a long time, complete with tears, lots of laughs and even memories that I had forgotten about to validate that my loved one was really there.  Once the reading was coming to a close, Jen asked if there was anyone else I'd like to connect with, she wanted to make sure that I had what I needed...and that was priceless.  It really is. Thank you from the bottom, sides, and top of my heart." - Kayla, Ottawa

"Thank you Jen for all the wonderful experiences! I can't wait to book another session. You are such a warm person, making everyone feel welcome immediately!" - Ashley, Ottawa, ON

"Thank you Jen, for providing me with one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever encountered in my life, by enabling me to clearly communicate to my precious Dad, and to all of the other dearly departed family members who continue to surround him (and us) with their love. I have not felt this much at peace since before my Dad passed suddenly over 18 years ago. My mediumship session with you was an incredible experience that made me laugh, cry happy tears and filled... my heart with absolute joy. After the Reiki session, I felt alleviated of any kind of stress that I was carrying through the years. It left me completely at peace within myself. 
I am eternally grateful to you for sharing your very special gift with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel incredibly blessed to know you and to now call you a friend. You have quite obviously come into my life for a very special reason. With much gratitude & love," Tammy, Ottawa, ON

"Thank you Jen for the most incredible reading!!! I am so grateful and really glad I found your website! Can't wait to see you again in the future!" - Victoria, Ottawa, ON

"Amazing. Had a group reading tonight with my in-laws and Jennifer was so welcoming. We had a 2 hour session and all left feeling amazed at her accuracy with so many aspects of our lives. I will absolutely go back and recommend to anyone interested! Thanks Jen! " - Lisa, Ottawa, ON

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop this evening! I am learning so much and and loving every minute! You have an amazing talent and gift! Much love!" - Tammy L, Ottawa, ON

"Thank you Jennifer for giving me a wonderful reading and experience. You are the first person I've ever been to and I am so glad you had offered an extra long reading at that time. I did not go to the session prepared with any questions or expectations, but you were able to give me a reading beyond any expectations. You were so kind and were able to help me so much with my grieving process.  You let me know that my loved ones were with me and they knew of events I never verbalized to anyone. I was so stunned and overjoyed to know that my loved ones are always with me and are always sharing experiences with me. I now ask them during fun and happy moments, "Do you see this?" I can't hear them, but I know the answer is "Yes"." - Gail, Ottawa, ON

"Hi Jennifer. I wanted to say a HUGE "Thank You" to you from the bottom of my heart. Your reading meant soooo much to me, it took away a burden that I was carrying with me for years and to know that my Mom is happy and reunited with her husband again (hand in hand) was so relieving to hear. I still have chills (good ones) whenever I think of all that was said that night, it was all so accurate...I was fortunate to spend a full hour with my Mom and Dad and they gave me the most amazing gift, answers to my heart fell concerns. You are a wonderful person with an amazing gift and I am very happy that you have decided to share it with others because your gift gave me strength to go forward and not feel so sad all the time. I will be able to go move on without feeling so guilty. Thank you Dad for that. Thank you to my Mom and Dad for giving such an amazing gift.Thank you again Jennifer. I recommend anyone who needs answers to go and see you. It helped me tremendously. I will definitely go and see you again." - Anne, Ottawa, ON